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This is a wild story! A woman is refusing to split a $1.3 million dollar inheritance with her ex-husband’s mistress. Of course, there’s a story behind why he left the her the money.

According to Reddit, a woman received shocking news. Her ex-husband left her the majority of his estate. The two were married for 10 years however he left her for another woman. He was cheating and filed for divorce. The woman was blindsided by the news. She was forced out of the apartment they shared, and she found out he was moving on with his mistress.

I’ve experienced this. Well, I filed for divorce after I found out my ex was cheating with multiple women. It’s like a slap in the face. Although it’s hard to describe the feelings when you find out the person you love is doing this, it’s definitely soul crushing.

After divorcing, the woman moves on with her life. She marries someone else and has two children. Six months ago, the ex-husband’s parents contact her to let her know her ex is terminally ill. They urged her to visit him, but she refused. And I get that. Emotionally that’s a lot.

The ex-husband passes away and the woman finds out that he left her most of his estate. He left her a letter apologizing for everything he’d done, telling her he never stopped loving her. He also left her $1.3 million dollars.  Leaving her the money was his way of trying to make amends for all the pain he caused her. Quite the gesture.

The girlfriend of eight years is upset. She’s contesting his will so that she can get some of the money. His parents think that the ex-wife should share the money with the girlfriend. She’s keeping the money since it was his wish for her to have it. Quite a complicated scenario. The woman is sharing her story on Reddit to get advice.

There’s no amount of money that can erase or heal the ex-wife’s pain. Since he wanted her to have it so I think she should keep it. If he wanted his girlfriend to have it, he would have changed his will.

I’ll admit that I can hold a grudge, but feelings aside, the man clearly knew what he was doing by leaving the ex the money. It seems like it is his way of trying to make up for his mistakes. If I were the ex-wife, I wouldn’t share the money either. Karma has a funny way of working.  What would you do?