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This is a carb lover’s dream! And I have decided that I must make it! A TikTok video is going viral of a chef’s recipe for lasagna stuffed garlic bread and Foodbeast has shared it.

Chef TK, @tksweetsboutique on TikTok, has shared his recipe for lasagna stuffed garlic bread and it looks amazing!  From what I can gather, Chef TK is a sweet chef specializing in desserts. But he’s ventured out and shared a savory dish with all his followers.

The recipe is fairly simple: it’s layers of cheese, sauce, and meat in a loaf of bread covered in homemade garlic butter. I’m sure you could use already made garlic bread for this, but I think making your own garlic butter is better.

You get a loaf of your favorite bakery bread and hollow out the middle. You then put lasagna layers into the bread, as you would into a pan if you were making a tray of lasagna. Noodle, cheese, sauce, meat, and more cheese are layered into the bread. Brush some homemade garlic butter on the outside of the bread. Top with parsley and/or Italian seasonings, and bake.

Lasagna is a heavy dish and when made inside bread it becomes heavier. But it looks delicious! It also looks like you’ll need a big, fat nap after eating this. I have to try this! ASAP!