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It’s back to school time and all of us have seen pics of our friends’ kids. In many pics on social media you’ll see kids holding festive signs that tell their teacher’s name, their favorite subjects, what they want to be when they grow up and such. But one mom put a hilarious spin on that tradition by making a back-to-school sign … for herself.

Jeni Bukolt, who lives in Waxhaw, N.C., shared a picture of herself on the first day of school and it’s hilarious. According to Today, the sign reads, “Mom’s first day of school. I’m 42 years tired. I’ll probably miss a school ‘theme’ day. I really like sleep. Please don’t ask me to volunteer. But I will buy you supplies.”

I love this! This may be one of the most honest things I’ve ever seen! I don’t have kids but most of my friends do. Bukolt sounds just like one of my best friends a few years ago!

Bukolt posted the sign to her Instagram page on the first day of school for her boys, ages eight and 12. She says she always makes signs for them, but this year she wanted to post a realistic sign from a mom’s point of view. Like lots of busy moms, Bukolt says she’s forgotten her share of school events and school holidays. She wants other parents to know they aren’t alone, and that it’s ok to forget things once in a while. And she thought the sign would make parents laugh.

The Instagram caption for the pic says, “Happy ‘Back to School’ season to all the parents. May we not forget a ‘theme’ day or accidentally send our kids to the bus stop on teacher workdays or forget to pick them up on the randomly scheduled half days. May we have patience and give each other grace for doing our best!”

In a world where everyone wants to be perfect, Bukolt’s honesty is refreshing! So many people on social media only show the good things in their life, so others assume their life is perfect. The reality is everyone has faults and makes mistakes. It’s good to see a person be authentic and have a sense of humor!