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Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell

A few weeks ago, Phil and I chatted about the return of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza. It will make its return to the restaurant’s menu on September 15. Phil is stoked, as are hundreds of thousands of people who signed a petition to bring it back. I’ve never had one so I’m going to have to try one when they return. In addition to the pizza, Taco Bell’s ‘Mexican Pizza; The Musical’ will drop on September 15 too.

After watching a quick clip of the production, I have to say that this may be one of the dumbest things I’ve seen! However, some big names are involved in the musical. According to Fox 11 in Los Angeles, the performance has a 21-person cast featuring music legend Dolly Parton and Grammy Award-winning rapper Doja Cat. No word on how many songs will occur during the musical. You can stream it live on September 15 on TikTok at 8 p.m.

Obviously, the musical is meant to be silly and funny. In a press release, Taco Bell described the musical as a ‚Äúsatirical musical about the ‘harrowing’ story of those who fought to bring back the Mexican Pizza.” LOL!

Those who signed the petition to bring back the Mexican Pizza to Taco Bell’s menu permanently will no doubt enjoy the musical. You’ll have to snag a few Mexican Pizza’s to eat while streaming the musical. If you have questions about the return of the Mexican Pizza or about the musical, answers are here.