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This is a brilliant idea! There’s a female-only ride sharing service here in Charlotte that’s similar to Uber and Lyft. The service has women drivers that only pick up women customers.

According to WCNC, Just Her Rideshare was started in 2020 by Kimberly Evans. She started the service to provide a safe and stress-free alternative for women. Many of us have been in an Uber or Lyft with a male driver and felt uncomfortable for whatever reason. Unfortunately, there have been stories in the news about women being attacked or worse after taking a ride sharing service.

This service aims to give women a choice about who transports them and it gives women a safe alternative to other ride sharing services. Lots of us have used a ride sharing service to and from events where alcohol is served. They’re a smart option if you’ve had too many cocktails. Driving drunk is never a good idea for many reasons, which is one of the reasons services like this exist. As a woman, being under the influence can leave you more vulnerable. Using this service ensures that you’ll get home safe, without dealing with any unwanted advances or comments.

Just Her Ridshare works similar to Uber or Lyft. You download the app to your phone, set up an account, enter your destination and a driver picks you up. I love this! It’s a safe and easy way to travel. And with parking such a debacle in Charlotte, this is a great way to check out places in the city without the aggravation of parking.  One of the reasons I don’t go out much in Charlotte anymore is because parking is such a ruckus!

If you’re interested in driving for the service and to learn more about it, you can find info here.