The movie is somewhat forgettable.  Michele Pfeiffer playing an educator in LA’s inner city in 1995’s “Dangerous Minds.”  The music?  Iconic and unforgettable.  Specifically, the song, “Gangsta’s Paradise” from Coolio.  Just two weeks ago in Turks and Caicos we witnessed people butchering this in a bar’s karaoke night and remarked that somewhere Coolio had to be shaking his head.

Coolio left us way too soon Wednesday night at the age of 59.  Born Artis Leon ivey Jr., Coolio was visiting a friend when he excused himself to the restroom.  He never returned and was discovered laying on the bathroom floor.  An autopsy will be performed, but preliminary findings from authorities indicate no drugs or foul play.  RIP Coolio.  May you find peace in Paradise.