Overhead view of two men eating at a seafood feast

Are you a fan of seafood? Seafood is my favorite food and I could eat it every single day. Trust me, I believe it. Well, if you are like me then I have a festival that would be great for you. The North Carolina Seafood Festival is like the home to all those seafood-loving folks.

The over 30-year festival is in Morehead City, North Carolina, and highlights the importance of seafood in North Carolina. They focus on a lot of the seafood that is indigenous to North Carolina and your spot to enjoy all things seafood. The North Carolina Seafood Festival will kick off on September 30, 2022, and last until October 2, 2022. The weekend is filled with multiple events that guests can enjoy. Enjoy all things from seafood to wine and more! For more information on the festival and all of the events you could enjoy while there, visit their website.