Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi were spotted out together in Freehold, New Jersey grabbing some ice cream.

The moment was shared by the Jersey Freeze on Instagram. The ice cream joint captioned the photo, “When two of the biggest rock stars in the world show up for ice cream together, it’s worth a picture.” They also included the hashtag #TheMostJerseyPicEver.

The other two people in the photo are Jersey Freeze owners Matt Cangialosi and Katie DiNonno. Cangialosi told the PhillyVoice, “Bruce comes in all the time, Bon Jovi’s been here a few times, they just never come in together. No one usually ever bothers them for a picture, but it was kind of cool that they were there together yesterday. So, we felt like we had to ask … When they both got out of the same car, we were like, ‘No way, is that Bon Jovi? Yeah that’s Bon Jovi! Oh my God, they’re together!’ So that was pretty cool.”

Cangialosi said both The Boss and JBJ were super nice and took photos with other people at the ice cream shop. More importantly, he shared their ice cream orders: Springsteen got a chocolate dipped vanilla soft serve cone, while Bon Jovi opted for a chocolate soft serve cone.

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