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It’s amazing to me how crafty some folks can be! I follow a few people on Instagram that are ‘lifestyle experts’ for lack of a better term. Some of the holiday decorating tips I’ve seen are easy and relatively inexpensive. This woman has come up with a holiday decorating hack I never would have thought of! She’s using pool noodles to decorate her home and yard for the holidays.

According to MSN, TikTok user @kyleigh.arvidson has created her DIY Christmas decor by using pool noodles as a base for her door frame garland. She’s also using the pool noodles in her yard. She’s given them a candy cane-themed look and it’s quite festive.

I never would have thought about using pool noodles as a base for holiday decorations, but it works. And you can get the noodles at your local dollar store. A crafty, inexpensive way to decorate. If you’re like me and don’t have the ‘crafty gene’, you can watch the video below to see exactly how to use the pool noodles.

I looked at a few videos on her TikTok page and she has some excellent decorating tips! Get some pool noodles, a glue gun, and some ornaments and you can create all kinds of stuff. Who knew?!