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I love getting extra money any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. Some South Carolina residents can check their bank accounts for rebates up to $800. How does that sound for some extra money?

If you filed your 2021 by October 17, 2022, then you are eligible to receive your rebate by December 31, 2022. Go ahead and find your tax return paperwork because you will need to get a few numbers off that return.  Once you get your return, head to line 10. You also have to be a South Carolina resident.

If your tax liability is less than $800, then your rebate will match that exact amount. If your tax liability is higher, then your rebate maximum will be $800.

If you didn’t file a return, don’t even see what you can get. lol. Sorry, but true. If you need to calculate your rebate amount. Learn more about the South Carolina Income Tax Rebate here.