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Photo by Alex Wong/Newsmakers

As I was scrolling on Facebook yesterday, I saw info on a fun and yummy holiday event, one I’d never heard of. Hickory, North Carolina has an annual cookie crawl, and it looks festive!

The Downtown Hickory 3rd Annual Cookie Crawl will be held on December 3 from 11 am-2 pm. This is a great way to check out downtown Hickory and taste some delectable treats. There are 22 stores participating in the event and tickets are only $15. Not only can you eat some tasty cookies, you can also vote for your favorite Christmas window display.

Hickory, like many towns around Charlotte, has grown tons in the last few years. The downtown area has lots of restaurants and shops to explore. And this event lets you check them out while sipping hot chocolate and eating cookies. Perfect holiday event!

I know this sounds weird, but Christmas cookies are one of my favorite treats. Since I’m Jewish, I didn’t grow up making them for the holidays or eating them. I love them! Even the regular sugar cookies with sprinkles. My favorite holiday cookie is the gingerbread man/woman. There’s a shop in Gastonia that makes them yearly, and I always get a box for myself.

If you’re interested in checking out this event, more info is below. Make sure to wear your stretchy pants!

Hickory cookie crawl