Responsible attentive young male volunteer caring adorable hairy dog while working in animal shelter
Thanksgiving is almost here! I can almost taste the turkey and the pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is all about family. And our furry friends, well they are certainly family. We would always get my dog a more gourmet meal for any and every holiday. And our course they need to be with the family at Thanksgiving dinner. How do you help your dog feel celebrated on Thanksgiving? Maybe you even sneak them a bite or two of the feast. Or at least *accidentally* drop some on the floor.
But are there specific rules on what you should or shouldn’t feed your dogs?, Well here’s what John Smith, Dog Expert and Founder of has to say:
“A dog will typically eat anything that it can reach. If you want to share a Thanksgiving turkey dinner with your dog, there are tips to help avoid digestive issues and an emergency trip to the vet. Feel free to share plain turkey and unseasoned vegetables like green beans, carrots, and peas with your dog. However, it’s worth noting that too many veggies can give your dog an upset stomach and excessive gas.”
If you do plan on sharing the turkey with your dog make sure the remove the turkey skin in an effort to keep your dog from consuming the seasoning. The seasoning can upset dogs’ stomachs. Dogs should only consume plain white meat turkey. And even still they should only have very small amounts of the main Thanksgiving event. It’s also a good idea to check with your vet before feeding them human food. Especially if they aren’t accustomed to scrap foods or have had health issues in the past.
Make sure you keep your dog happy and healthy this Thanksgiving!