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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

College football is huge in the Carolinas. Every Saturday millions of people are glued to their televisions watching their favorite team. Jacob Strickland is one of those people. He’s a huge Clemson Tigers fan and was bummed after his team lost to Notre Dame on November 5. His team’s loss led to a big win for him!

After the game, Strickland decided to buy a lottery ticket. According to the New York Post, Strickland’s friends joked that they should ‘get lottery tickets’ because their luck couldn’t get any worse. 29-year-old Strickland did just that. The Asheboro, North Carolina man bought a $3 ‘Quick Pick’ using his phone just before the drawing. And his luck got lots better!

The man’s last-minute purchase was a good call. Strickland ended up winning $150,000. I’d say that’s better than your favorite team winning a game! After state and federal taxes, he ended up with $106,516. Not a bad day! He plans to invest some of the money and put the rest in savings. Smart guy!

I’ve bought lottery tickets online and I’ve only won $4. Maybe I need to watch college football to change my luck!