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I’m not much of a holiday decor person. I love Christmas and holiday decorations. Growing up Jewish, we didn’t decorate a tree. We also didn’t decorate our house for the holidays. I think that’s one of the reasons I love where I live! My apartment manager and some of the residents go all out for every holiday every year. They do an amazing job!

This year, for whatever reason, I decided to decorate my house with snowmen. I have a white tree in my room with a snowman head on top. The tree is decorated with snowman ornaments, black and silver balls, and big white and silver balls. I also have snowman stickies on my front door along with a snowman doormat. On my balcony I have snowman stickies on the doors along with some hanging snowmen.

In my room and in my den, I have some snowmen tabletop standups. One is a stuffed snowman, I have a standup snowman family, and I have a ceramic snowman in my room. I have no idea why I went snowman crazy, but I love it! And luckily, I got all of my things relatively inexpensive. I did lots of looking online and got lucky.

After my decorating, I learned an inexpensive and brilliant decorating tip from my apartment manager Donna. Balloons! In the mail area/lobby of my apartment, there is a huge Christmas tree that’s decorated for every holiday. It stays up year-round. For Christmas, the tree is decorated with an array of ornaments, including big round ball ornaments. I looked for some of these big ornaments online, and they are pricey!

When I asked my apartment manager where she got the ones on the big tree, she filled me in on an excellent hack. The large ornaments on the big tree and on a smaller tree in our community room are actually balloons. Unless you walk close to the tree and really look, you can’t tell. They look awesome! And the balloons are way cheaper than buying large ball ornaments.

Now, using birthday balloons that are on the thin side won’t work. You need to purchase thicker balloons which are available on Amazon. There are all types of colors! And when using the balloons as ornaments, you blow them up as big or as small as you’d like. It’s such a smart idea!

Take a look at the pictures. You can’t tell the bigger ornaments are balloons. All you do is blow the balloons up to the size you want and place them in between branches on the tree. Excellent hack!

balloon xmas ornaments

small balloon xmas