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Christmas cookies are a big part of the holiday season for many families. I am a huge fan of Christmas cookies, and I think it’s because I grew up Jewish. We obviously didn’t make Christmas cookies or Hanukkah cookies for that matter. Christmas cookies are simple, yet so flavorful!

Every year my sister-in-law makes huge batches of numerous Christmas cookies and gives them to friends and neighbors. I love it when she posts pics on Facebook of all the colorful cookies. Sadly, I never get any. LOL! I do buy myself some cookies every year though. Gingerbread men/women cookies are one of my all-time favorites. A bakery here in Gastonia makes them every year and I always buy myself a box. They’re so good!

If you’re planning on making cookies this year, Southern Living has ’35 Easy Christmas Cookies Recipes’ you should check out. The first cookies that caught my eye are the ‘Brown Sugar Cookie Stars‘. A simple, yummy sugar cookie is elevated with some brown sugar.

Grandma’s Chocolate Drop Cookies‘ look like chocolate cupcakes! This cookie is definitely for the chocolate lover in your family. (That’s me!) These cookies are easy to make, and you can always add nuts to the cookie or some peppermint pieces on top of the icing to make them a bit more festive. I must admit that chocolate and peppermint is one of my favorite combos!

The Butterscotch-Toasted Oatmeal Cookie looks awesome! This cookie screams warmth to me. I’ve made oatmeal raisin and oatmeal chocolate Chip cookies, but I’ve never thought of using butterscotch. Gotta try this one!

I’m a big fan of lemon and berry flavors together so the Lemon Thumbprint Cookies sound delightful! The recipe calls for raspberry jam, but you can use any berry flavor. These cookies look like a lot of work, but actually aren’t. This is a great cookie to give to neighbors and friends since they’re so pretty!

If you plan on making cookies this holiday season and need a few new easy recipes, see all of the cookie recipes here.