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If you’ve seen the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ then you’re quite familiar with the infamous leg lamp. There are actual leg lamps that you can purchase and now there’s one that includes beer.

Miller High Life is selling a limited-edition High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower. According to Food & Wine, this novelty item isn’t just like the one in the movie, but it’s a nod to it. There are a few differences with this one.

The leg is modeled after the brand’s ‘Girl in the Moon’ from its labels. But like the lamp in the movie, this one will arrive in a ‘fra-gee-lay’ box. Love it!

High Life’s lamp lights up and is sold with three battery-powered, remote-controlled puck lights. And yes, you CAN actually drink from the lamp. The lamp is 3-and-a-half feet and about 35 pounds. It’ll hold an entire six-pack worth of beer and it dispenses it through a spout on the ankle. Nice!

The festive lamp goes on sale this Friday, December 9. There are a limited number of the lamps so if you want one, get it quick! It’s the perfect gift for the beer drinker and/or movie buff on your holiday list. The lamp sells for $120 and you can get it at