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This story has all the makings of the next great holiday road movie. I’m picturing an update of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but with more people. And a van.

When Frontier Airlines canceled a flight from Orlando, Florida to Knoxville, Tennessee on December 4th, the airline offered to book everyone for a flight two days later. It’s a common scenario, especially during the holiday season, but with an uncommon solution. Instead of waiting around for another flight, a group of 13 strangers, including Alanah Story and her mom, rented a 15-passenger van from Hertz for the ten-hour drive north.

According to Today, Alanah documented the whole thing on TikTok and the posts went viral. She introduced everyone and gave updates as viewers became more invested in the saga. You can see three installments below.

In the end, everyone got to where they were going. What I like about the videos is that we get a brief glimpse into everyone’s life and personality. And now, they all have another story to tell.



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