Christmas toy ball on the Christmas tree surrounded by festive lights. Holiday. New Year. Christmas. selective focus

Did you read that right? Yes, you did. That’s right, one North Carolina family got the Christmas surprise of their life when a squirrel decided to hang out in their home. Not only did the squirrel hang out, but it seems he may have played a little game of hide and seek in their Christmas tree. WBTV reports that a North Carolina family shared a video of a squirrel playing around in their Christmas tree. Apparently, the squirrel entered the family’s Waxhaw home through a loose shingle in the roof. Which, if you have any loose shingles in your home then maybe you should cover that up soon. The squirrel came through the roof, climbed through an opening in a sink pipe, and entered a bathroom in the home.

Unfortunately for the squirrel, the home he entered is also the home of one pet dog. The dog then chases the squirrel throughout the home until it found its perfect hiding spot in the Christmas tree. After a lot of encouraging and rushing to get the squirrel out, the homeowner uses a dust mop to give the squirrel an extra boost out of the home. Talk about a crazy Christmas story. This may be one memory that this family has to talk about for a long time!