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If you’ve ever wondered what your pet is up to when you aren’t looking, you can now find out. There’s a new wearable tracker for your pet that looks pretty cool! It’s kinda like a Fitbit for your pet.

According to KTLA, the new Animo GPS Tracker provides your pets location and will alert the owner in seconds if their pet leaves their safe zone. This tracker does lots of other things too! It keeps stats on your pets’ activities. You can get detailed information on your pets’ sleeping, barking, scratching, and shaking. The tracker even sends owners a notification when it detects a notable change in your pets’ behavior. This could be helpful in knowing if your pet is sick or not.

The tracker clips onto your pets’ collar. It’s $150 for the tracker and there’s no monthly fee. The battery last 12 weeks and the device also comes with a charging cable. It’s water resistant and comes with a one-year warranty. Not bad!

It’s recommended your pet be at least 14 pounds and at least three months old. Both of my dogs are always on leashes when they go out and neither run too far away from me if they’re off their leash. But when my dog Maxwell was alive, he was a master at escaping a fenced in yard. And for a chubby dog, my boy could run! This device would have been perfect for him.

You can get more info and see exactly how the device works here. The video below shows how it works as well. It’s a crafty device for sure and a great idea for pet owners.

Meet Animo® GPS

Meet Animo® GPS - the activity & behavior tracker for your pup now has location tracking for if they ever go missing. 🐾Learn more: