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If eating cheese and sleeping are two things you love, then this job may be for you! A company is looking for people to eat cheese every night before bed. And you can get paid to do it!

According to Food and Wine, the company Sleep Junkie is looking into what happens when you eat cheese right before bed. They’re looking to pay a group of people to do it so they can find out. The ‘dairy dreamers’ will get paid $1,000 to eat a variety of cheese for three months and record their dreams, their sleep quality and energy levels. Sounds easy enough!

Those chosen for the study will have to:

  • Record their experiences including dreams, sleep quality and energy levels, with help from their smartwatch.
  • Be at least 21 years old, have good writing skills, be honest about the study and its effects, and really love cheese.
  • Have a consistent sleep schedule and be willing to sleep alone for the three months of the study.

Sleep Junkie wants to test the theory that eating cheese before bed gives you nightmares. They also want to see if different cheeses have more of an effect than others. The study will hopefully find out how cheese affects sleep. The company will tell those participating what type of cheeses they’ll be eating on a weekly basis.

If you’re interested, applications must be in by February 10. You can fill out the application here and grab more details.