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We’ve established many times that I love to eat! Italian food is my all-time favorite food and I’ve found the best place for amazing recipes on Instagram. The account is @growingupitalian. Not only have I found some yummy old school recipes, I’ve also found another account I just love!

@growingupitalian is not just an Instagram account. It’s also a podcast. I’ll admit I haven’t checked out the podcast, but I visit their page often on Instagram. Many of the videos posted are of people’s older Italian relatives making food.

Watching numerous videos, I’ve discovered another account that I am a huge fan of. @nonnapia_insta is amazing! I am such a fan! Unfortunately, I don’t know much about her. But what I do know is this woman is a for real cook! She’s a tiny, adorable woman who makes some serious dishes. When you watch her videos, you immediately get hungry. And if you’re like me, you immediately want to be a part of her family!

I think one of Nonna Pia’s grandson’s films her in the kitchen as you hear a male voice in the videos. Although I haven’t tried to make it yet, her chicken cutlets look divine! Everything she makes looks great!

Nonna Pia has lots of followers, so I know I’m not the only one enjoying her cooking videos. On the @growingupitalian Instagram page, you see lots of grandparents making food. It makes me think of my Bubbe. She’s no longer with us but when I was a kid, she always made stuffed cabbage and her special recipe brownies. Before she passed away, she gave my Aunt Lois the ‘Bubbe’s Brownies’ recipe and my aunt makes them for the family every time we have a gathering.

Check out the recipe videos on @growingupitalian and Nonna Pia is not only on Instagram, but also on Facebook, TikTok, and she has a YouTube channel too. I wonder if she has any single grandson’s…LOL!