hamburgers and hot dogs cooking on grill with flames | Getty Images

Are you a fan of a burger? North Carolina has some pretty large burgers for you to enjoy. Do you know where you can find one of the state’s biggest burgers? You may want to start here for sure. Travel Maven with Newsbreak is telling us to go to Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes, and Fries for one of the biggest burgers.

Head to Hwy 55 and check out the epic Five Five Challenge. The classic American diner is serving up great foods and challenges for customers to enjoy. The epic Five Five Challenge is a 55-ounce beef burger challenge that you should dare to accept. This challenge is one of the most popular things that people look forward to seeing and enjoying whenever they’re at Hwy 55. The burger is nearly 4 pounds and the challenge is something you can tackle it with a group of your friends. Each burger has six or seven cheese-covered patties between a single bun. Talk about massive! You also get a side of french fries or crispy tater tots with it.

The challenge for the Hxy 55 burger says that if you can finish the burger in 30 minutes or less, the meal is free and you get to enjoy your time on the Hwy 55 Hall of Fame. Who is ready to give this challenge a run for their money? I am quite nervous, but I will cheer anyone on!