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When I was younger, I was never a huge fan of sweets. As I’ve gotten older, my sweet tooth has grown. Not the best for my body, but once in a while I love a sweet treat! There’s a small town here in North Carolina that has world-famous pie and I wanna road trip and try it! Oddly enough, one of my best friends lives in this small town.

Pittsboro, North Carolina is only about two hours from Charlotte so it’s a great day trip destination. And according to Only In Your State, one of the places you need to go to is Carolina Cravings Co. The Pittsboro business offers world-famous pies along with other yummy, sweet treats.

The bakery and coffee shop was opened in 2021 by friends Ily and Yera. Their goal was to open a multi-cultural/bilingual bakery in downtown Pittsboro, using the freshest ingredients for their pies, cookies, cakes, and breads. According to their website, they’re also all about supporting the local community, which is awesome! They sell locally made and sourced items.

Just looking at their website is making my stomach growl. Everything looks amazing!  I’m a huge berry fan and just seeing their berry pies online is making me want to get in the car now and road trip for some of their sweets!

I need to go see my friend that lives in Pittsboro as we are due a weekend of fun! Now I’m thinking I need to plan a trip sooner than later just to try all the goodies at Carolina Cravings Co. If you love daytrips around the state, make a plan one Saturday to visit Pittsboro. It’s been a few years since I’ve been, but if you’re a pizza fan check out Elizabeth’s Pizza. Very tasty!