Shot using a drone during the golden hour shows an upscale suburbs with gold course, lake, houses and roof tops

When you want to buy a house or just find somewhere to live in general, you want to find the cheapest available to you but not rundown.  A place that is financially affordable for you.  We all know that some of the best and cheapest places to live are in the southern states and not in the big cities.

According to Kiplinger, they put together a list of the top 25  cheapest cities to live in in the U.S. Multiple cities from the Carolinas are mentioned on the list. Can you guess which North Carolina city is the cheapest? How about for South Carolina?

Winston Salem comes in ranked at No. 22. in the top 25 cheapest cities. Here are some of the reasons why Winston is one of the cheapest cities in the Tar Heel state.

  • The cost of living is 14.5% below the U.S. average.
  • Population is a little over 680,000
  • Median Household income is $57,392
  • Median Home Value is $193,100

Now, we head to South Carolina. Aiken, South Carolina came in tied with Augusta, Georgia at number 12 on the list.  Here are the reasons why.

  • The cost of living is 16.4% below U.S. average
  • Metro population is about 616,000
  • Median household income is $56,515
  • Median home value is $182,000

Do you feel like there are some cities that could have potentially made this list that didn’t? Check out the full list here.