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(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Have you ever wished you could switch places with your pet? You know, live their life instead of your own human existence. I mean, think about it. Most pets in loving homes have it made. Regular meals and treats. Plenty of outside time. And lots of lots of naps.

Last year, we told you about a man in Japan who spent just over $15,000 for an ultra-realistic collie costume so he could live out his dream of being a dog. As bizarre as that sounds, the man, who goes by the name Toco, definitely got his money’s worth. It’s only when you see him move in his costume that you realize he’s not actually a collie. Check him out below!


According to LAD Bible, Toco said he’s doing all this because he’s “had a vague dream of becoming an animal” since childhood. A vague dream? This seems like a pretty big commitment based on a vague dream. Imagine what he might have done if it had been a vivid dream. We might be reading about a full on canine-human DNA swap!

Since adopting his new lifestyle, the Japanese man-dog has taken it to another level. LAD Bible reports Toco now has a large crate in his house and says that when he’s a dog he gets ‘locked in’ and paws at the bars. The latest YouTube clip of his life as a dog, which includes being taken for walks on a leash, has over 64,000 views so far.


He doesn’t look all that fluid in his movements. In fact, getting in and out of his cage looks downright uncomfortable. And I’m assuming he has to take the costume off to go to the bathroom. But he seems to be living his best life, so who are we to judge? Keep on being a good boy, Toco!