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When you’re a teenager, finding the perfect prom dress is extremely important. When you’re a teenager that’s plus-size, it can be even more important. A store here in Charlotte made sure a young lady found the perfect prom dress and made sure her shopping experience was unforgettable.

Juicy Body Goddess Boutique is a shop here in Charlotte that caters to those who are plus-sized. Oddly enough, I follow them on Instagram. They’ve recently gone viral for helping a high school senior find an amazing dress for prom. When Elyse Monroe set out to find the perfect dress for prom, she realized there weren’t many options for plus-sized girls in her town. According to People, she and her grandmother drove 6 hours to Charlotte to do some dress shopping.

The two women went to Juicy Body Goddess Boutique here in Charlotte, and the store’s owner Summer Lucille helped the shy teen try on numerous dresses until she found the perfect one. Monroe’s budget was $400, but her favorite dress cost $700. Lucille told the teen not to worry about price, and just find a dress she loved.

While the consultation was going on, Lucille was streaming on social media. The store owner often does this while consultations are happening. As the teen was trying on dresses, Lucille was contacted by a follower watching the live stream. The person was offering to donate $200 so that Monroe could have the dress she wanted.

Lucille realized then that she needed to make this young lady’s day. Once the teen found the perfect dress, Lucille shocked the family by offering the dress to her for free. Obviously, the teenager was shocked and thrilled! The video of the sweet gesture has over 14 million views so far on TikTok. What you can’t see in the video is other customers in the store cheering! As I write this, I have tears in my eyes.

When beginning her business in 2016, Lucille’s goal was to make sure ALL women, regardless of size, feel beautiful in clothes. Her store gives women who are plus size a place to shop comfortably. Her store gives ladies options and an experience that’s memorable.

No question this teen will always remember Lucille’s kindness and generosity! And I must say the dress is gorgeous! Lucille had no idea her post would go viral. Many people offered to make donations in order to help other teens feel beautiful.

The shop owner left a comment on her viral TikTok post, letting folks know they could go to the store’s website to buy gift cards to donate. Since Saturday, when the video was posted, over $12,000 in gift cards have been purchased.

This is an amazing story and, in a world, where we all read about so many horrible things, it’s refreshing and uplifting to know that there are such truly kind people out there. Although I don’t know her, I’d like to say thank you to Lucille for being such a caring person. I hope your sweet gesture brings more clients to your store. And thank you for making my week! Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and special, and Lucille is making sure that happens!

If you’d like to purchase a gift card to help others, you can do that here. Check out the viral video below. Warning…tears will flow!