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Are you an avid traveler? If so, then you probably understand the pain of not having a direct flight to your destination. Whether you’re on the way somewhere or on the way back, connecting flights can be a hassle. A layover in just about any city can feel like such a waste of time. You have to wait, possibly overnight, to finally get to where you’re going. Then, hopefully, you’re not anywhere that doesn’t have anything to do if you’re there for a little bit of time.

Lawn Love knows how stressful layovers can be for people. From finding somewhere to stay close by, finding things to do, and all of the above. A layover isn’t always fun, but in some cities, a layover may be quite worth it. Ever gotten stuck in a city that you always wanted to visit anyways? Well, you would have like 24 hours maybe to enjoy all the things close to the airport while you’re there. Lawn Love calculated which cities are the best and worse for long layovers. South Carolina is home to one of the best cities, best as in the top 20 on the list. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina came in at No. 16 on the overall list of best cities for long layovers. But why? According to the report, attractions like Myrtle Beach State Park and Broadway at the Beach being not so far from the airport makes it the perfect layover destination. You can enjoy great food, amusement park rides, music, shopping, and more during your layover.

Wondering what other cities made the list? Check out the full list here and tell us what you think of having a long layover in one of these cities.