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Ice cream is my downfall. I love it! Summer, winter, spring, fall…doesn’t matter to me. But it does hit the spot in the summer when it’s crazy hot outside. Blue Bell Ice Cream announced today that they’re teaming up with soft drink Dr. Pepper for a new summer flavor.

According to Alabama Life & Culture, the new flavor is called Dr. Pepper Float and it hits stores today. The ice cream is creamy vanilla and it’s swirled together with a Dr. Pepper flavored sherbet. Soda isn’t my favorite, especially Dr. Pepper, but I must admit that this sounds interesting!

Blue Bell Ice Cream and Dr. Pepper are both based in Texas, so it’s getting a lot of attention there. Luckily for us, the ice cream is available in 23 states, and North Carolina, as well as South Carolina are two of the states.  Pouring an ice-cold Dr. Pepper in a glass and adding this new ice cream may be a favorite treat this summer and I’m all about giving it a try. Sometimes when Blue Bell comes out with a new flavor, they’ll bring it into the station for folks to try. Not sure if they’ll bring this new flavor in, but if they do, Phil and I will let you know how it is. I’m going grocery shopping this weekend, so I’ll look for it tomorrow or Saturday.

You can find the new ice cream treat in stores that carry Blue Bell. If you’re unsure of which stores have the ice cream brand, you can find a store close to you at