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Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Florida is the state with the most insane stories! And truth told, the creatures that live in that part of the country are like those you’d find in Australia. A man in Hollywood, Florida recently went to use the bathroom in his home and found what he’s calling a ‘mini-Godzilla’ in his toilet.

According to the Daily Mail, 58-year-old John Riddle found the unwelcome houseguest hanging out in his toilet. Not only was the creature hanging out in the commode, when Riddle found it the angry iguana hissed at him. UGH!

Before Riddle fished the creature out of the toilet, he grabbed his phone to take a picture of the upset iguana and the thing made sure he got a good picture. The iguana hissed and posed angrily in the photo and it looks quite menacing. Riddle believes the creature entered his house when he left his back door open for his dogs. He grabbed a net he uses to clean out his pool to fish the creature out of his toilet.

Apparently, these large iguanas aren’t native to Florida. Apparently, they’re native to Central America and arrived in the sunshine state in the 1960’s. They’re known for causing damage to buildings and sewer systems. The creatures are strong swimmers, so it’s not uncommon for them to show up in a toilet. Yearly, Florida issues ‘falling iguana’ warnings when the temps drop below 40 degrees. ┬áThe animals go into a sort of suspended animation mode and fall to the ground when cold, however they usually wake up after warming in the sun.

For years my friends and I have talked about becoming ‘The Golden Girls’ and living together in a house in Florida. I’m thinking we need to choose another state cause I ain’t fishing creatures out of the damn toilet!