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If you enjoy camping, are into horror flicks, and are looking for a one of a kind vacation, this may be for you! You can now go camping in Rhode Island at the house that inspired the 2013 horror movie ‘The Conjuring’.

According to UPI, fans of the movies and folks that are into paranormal stuff have the chance to go ‘ghamping’, or ghost camping, on the property.

Eight camp sites have been set up on the property, each with a 3-4 person tent. Campsites can be rented for about $300-$400 a night. Pricey! Each of the sites has its own ‘fright factor’ rating that is said to go along with the spookiness of the camping experience. What that means exactly, I don’t know.

Although the house wasn’t seen in the movie, the story is based on real life events that happened to the Perron family when they lived there. In the 10 years they lived in the home, reportedly many paranormal things happened.

The house now belongs to different owners, and they offer tours of the home. You can also rent the home out for private events.

Horror movies aren’t my favorite, but I enjoy a good scare. However, I haven’t seen a horror flick in years. The old school ones are my favorites. The original ‘Halloween’, ‘The Exorcist’, and ‘The Omen’ are all classic scary movies. But I wouldn’t want to stay in any of the houses featured in the films!

If you are up for a scary camping trip, you can get all the details on the ‘ghamping’ here.