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How To Get Free Meals For Kids In North Carolina This Summer

What's not to love about summer if you're a kid? Free time, activities, not getting up early for school? It really is perfect. But for the 900,000+ students across the state of North Carolina and their parents who rely on their school for meals, it can be an uncertain time. Especially with the absolutely atrocious prices of food (and everything else) these days. Luckily there are still ways to get free meals for kids in North Carolina this summer. In the state of North Carolina, the Summer Meals Programs provide nutritious meals at no cost for children and adolescents ages 18 and younger. Here is where to find free meals for kids and teens in North Carolina: Text “Food” to 304-304 for information in English or “COMIDA” to 304-304 for information in Spanish. Use the N.C. Site Finder Map. Learn more at N.C. Summer Meals Programs. Check your local school district website, social media or other communications. Additionally N.C. Summer Meals Programs provide fitness and fun opportunities for kids and teens in North Carolina. Get more information regarding N.C. Summer Meals Programs on the NCDPI, Office of School Nutrition website.