Country Christmas

Most Unique Christmas Traditions for North Carolina and South Carolina

If you are like us, you spent this past weekend getting ready for Christmas.  We are pretty typical but here are the most unique Christmas traditions for North Carolina and South Carolina. Insider compiled a list of the unusual and fun ways each state celebrates the holiday.  For example, in Rhode Island, they have a tree of lobster traps on display.  In Vermont they do a town wide Christmas themed scavenger hunt. So what do we do in North Carolina and South Carolina that is unique to our state? Here in North Carolina, you will find Santa repelling at Chimney Rock State Park.  In South Carolina, go back in time to the very last Christmas before the civil war in Charleston.  They call it Christmas 1860 at the Edmonston Alston House.  To learn more about these unique traditions on our states and in the rest of the country, get details here from Insider. [select-listicle listicle_id="386399" syndication_name="10-family-friendly-christmas-day-trips-in-the-carolinas" description="yes"]