2024 Chiefs Schedule- The Games We Expect Taylor Swift To Attend

As a Panthers fan, the NFL Schedule release is somewhat anticlimactic these days. I don't expect us to win any games going in. However, there are a couple of games that intrigue me (solely based on the opponents). What was I more interested in post-NFL Schedule release? The Kansas City Chiefs. I like so many instantly analyzed the schedule to see what 2024 Chiefs games Taylor Swift can be expected to attend this season. Listen don't come for me. I am a die-hard football fan. College, NFL, it doesn't matter. If it's football and it's on TV on I am probably watching it. So my football-watching habits have nothing to do with Taylor. Though the merger of two of my absolute favorite things in the world (Taylor and football) certainly brings me immense joy. I even casually pulled for the Chiefs before this relationship between Taylor and Travis Kelce. Now I'm all in. And considering purchasing a jersey even if it's only for one season. But back to the 2024 schedule. There are actually a lot of 2024 Chiefs games Taylor Swift can attend despite the superstar being on her massive Eras Tour through the end of the year. Counting preseason matchups perhaps as many at 17 games we could see Swift at. 17 gameday outfits? Count me in! For reference, Taylor attended a total of 12 Chiefs games last year beginning in September when the relationship became public. 2024 Chiefs Games Taylor Swift Can Attend Pre-Season Matchups August 10th at the Jacksonville Jaguars (NO- Taylor will be in Vienna, Austria) August 17th home against the Detroit Lions (NO- Taylor will be in London) August 22nd home against the Chicago Bears (YES-her last show for this leg of the tour is August 20th in London so if she chooses she can make it to the last preseason matchup though Kelce will probably not play) Regular Season September 5th home against the Baltimore Ravens (YES) September 15th home against the Cincinnati Bengals (YES) September 22nd at the Atlanta Falcons (YES) September 29th at the Los Angeles Chargers (YES) October 7th home against the New Orleans Saints (YES) October 20th at the San Francisco 49ers (NO- Taylor has a show in Miami) October 27th at the Las Vegas Raiders (NO-Taylor has a show in New Orleans) November 4th at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (YES-Since this is a Monday night game Taylor can get to Tampa from Indianapolis following her Sunday show). November 10th home against the Denver Broncos (YES) November 17th at the Buffalo Bills (YES-she has a show in Toronto the night before) November 24th at the Carolina Panthers (YES she has another show in Toronto the night before and I will be finding a way to be at this game) November 29th home against the Las Vegas Raiders (YES) December 8th home against the Los Angeles Chargers (NO-she has a show in Vancover) December 15th at the Cleveland Browns (YES) December 21st home against the Houston Texans (YES) December 25th at the Pittsburgh Steelers (YES) January 4th or 5th at the Denver Broncos (YES) Obviously, none of these appearances are guaranteed and could be impacted by awards shows, other commitments, or (if I'm lucky) the addition of more Eras Tour dates. (Please and with a better Ticketmaster system to avoid scalpers). But as of right now, these are the 17 Chiefs games Taylor Swift can realistically attend this season. 4 of those are primetime matchups. And hopefully, a few more if the reigning back-to-back Super Bowl Champs make the postseason again. Is it time for football yet? The season can't come soon enough!

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