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Top 10 Memorial Day Weekend Destinations Without The Beach

According to AAA, a near-record number of people will hit the road this Memorial Day weekend, and a lot of those travelers will be heading for the beach. But if you're not the beachy type and could do without the sand in your shorts, there are plenty of other fun places to visit over the…

Race Week(s) in Charlotte

It's here! Two exciting weeks of NASCAR in Charlotte. With the loss of superstars from the sport over the last few years, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and most recently, Dale Jr., and the rumored sale of NASCAR by the France family, just how much trouble is the sport in?

Golf- "A Good Walk Spoiled"- Mark Twain

Around the Carolina's, Golf is pretty much a year round sport. When we get to Spring though, golfing fever hits as The Master's fuels everyone's desire to hit the links. When Mark Twain called Golf, "a good walk spoiled", he's not far off in referring to my game. I'm truly a horrible golfer but have…

Cheers To The World's Most Popular Cocktails

When I think back to my childhood and the parties that my parents either hosted or attended, I can distinctly remember the words "Whiskey Sour" being uttered more than a few times during the course of an evening. It sounded terrible to me back then.

Mother's Day Thoughts

This Sunday. May 13th is Mother's Day and almost everyone will gather round with Mom and family, or just other family if Mom has passed and it will be a day of celebration and remembrance, as it should be. Some of us, however, have a tougher time with Mother's Day. Are you one?