Phil Harris

Tattoos With Benefits

I realize, as the inkless half of "Phil & Mel in the Morning," I'm much less qualified than Mel to blog about tattoos. However, I think the idea of tattoos that can keep you healthy has a lot of merit.

How Is Your Quality Of Life In Charlotte?

How would you rate your quality of life in Charlotte? When it comes to things like climate, cost of living, commute time, health care, buying power, safety, pollution and property price to income ratio, Charlotteans should be pretty happy.

The 8 Coldest Games In NFL History

The polar vortex is coming with an icy blast of Arctic air will freeze much of the U.S., including the Charlotte area, this weekend. But we won't have weather nearly as cold as the Midwest, which is where the AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs will take place on…

No One Likes Singing The "Winter Blues"

Approximately 5% of people in the U.S. are diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression triggered by the change of seasons. But plenty of people feel some form of so-called "winter blues," especially after the holidays are over and we still have at least two months of chilly, gray weather in front of…

Is 'Robutt' The Solution To Worn Out Car Seats?

Isn't technology great? So many problems can be solved thanks to the technological advances that are being developed every day. For example, worn out, uncomfortable car seats may soon be a thing of the past because engineers at Ford in Europe have invented a fake butt.