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The ‘Taylor Swift Effect’ Now Extends To Dog Names

Pet owner site Rover has released its 11th annual Most Popular Dog Names list. Luna is the top name for a female dog while Charlie tops the list for male pups. The top five for both female and male dogs feature plenty of the usual suspects. The girl pup top five includes Bella, Daisy, Lucy, Lily. Rounding out the top five for boy dogs are Max, Cooper, Milo, Buddy. You can see more below. Names of pop culture icons from the '90s, such as Alanis, Ginger Spice, Furby, and even Leonardo Dogcaprio are trending up for dogs this year. So are sports-related dog names. For example, Trae, after Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, and Nikola, after Denver Nuggets MVP and NBA champion Nikola Jokic, rose 222 percent and 147 percent in popularity, respectively. And then there's Kelce. If you've ever questioned whether the so-called "Taylor Swift Effect" was real or not, this may put your doubts to rest once and for all. Rover reports that 'Kelce' is the top trending sports-related dog name in the U.S., rising 135 percent recently. This could refer to either Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce or his superstar brother, Jason, who plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles. I suppose it depends on which NFL team the dog's human supports. However, if a dog named Kelce belongs to someone who isn't a football fan, it's most likely named after Travis...because Taylor Swift. America's Most Popular Dog Names in 2023 (Rover.com) Female Top 10 Luna Bella Daisy Lucy Lily Lola Zoe Sadie Stella Bailey Male Top 10 Charlie Max Cooper Milo Buddy Teddy Rocky Bear Leo Duke

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