Hi, Phil Harris, longtime acid reflux sufferer. I’ll occasionally chew those chalky antacids but I hate taking pills. And lately I’ve been hearing ads from law firms about stomach cancer as a possible side effect from long-term use of heartburn medications such as Prilosec and Nexium. No, thanks. I’d prefer to control my acid reflux through diet.

Anyone can have occasional heartburn, a symptom of acid reflux, due to stress, spicy, acidic and fried foods, or even alcohol and chocolate. The folks at Food Network have come up with 10 foods that can you can eat to prevent these uncomfortable side effects from heartburn symptoms. If you’re having heartburn issues, you might want to try a few or all of these foods for some relief.

  • 1. Ginger

    It has worked for upset stomach symptoms for centuries and comes in dried, fresh, or even candied forms.

  • 2. Oatmeal

    The fiber in oatmeal helps keep acid levels down and helps slow digestion.

  • 3. Brown Rice

    This is also a slow digesting high-fiber food that aids to regulate digestion.

  • 4. Sweet Potatoes

    They’re a low acidic food. Try them baked, boiled or steamed.

  • 5. Honey

    It helps relieve irritated throats which is a side effect of heartburn.

  • 6. Less Liquids with Meals

    Try to limit the amount of liquid you consume with your meal to avoid acid reflux symptoms.

  • 7. Bananas

    This fruit is the opposite of acidic and helps regulate heartburn.

  • 8. Low-Fat Yogurt

    It contains slow-digesting protein and probiotics which aid digestion.

  • 9. Egg Whites

    These are high in protein, no fat and low acid and good in omelets or hard boiled.

  • 10. Greens

    Low acid veggies that have the benefit of vitamins A, K, and iron.

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