Are you prepared for the new changes

I think we can all agree prices are truly skyrocketing lately. From gas to food to random goods, things are getting more and more expensive. Whether you are a saver or spender, it’s never a bad thing to learn some budgeting tips. With summer right around the corner, you still want to be able to live it up and not go in the hole. This is the year to not only enjoy, but to be smarter as well. Traveling may be expensive, but you can also make it work on a budget.

Nerd Wallet knows how expensive traveling can be, but they also know everyone loves doing it. So with the cost of things increasing, instead of stopping your travels why not be smarter about it. Take some easy tricks for saving money while you’re traveling and still enjoy a good time with those you love. Traveling does not have to be as costly as you may think. Here are 10 easy tricks for saving money while traveling. Enjoy your vacations, but stay smart with your money!

  • Pack Light

    Packing light allows you multiple benefits including no checked bagged fees and the ability to get around easier. I know what it is like to overpack and have so many more things than you actually need, so if you pack specifically for your occasion you will save yourself the hassle.

  • Shop at Local Grocery Stores

    Shopping at local markets can be adventure to allow you to experience a new area and find new grabs. But, it also helps you be able to save money on in between meal snacks and necessities and not expensive hotel treats.


  • Pack Snacks

    While you’re at the store, be sure to grab snacks! This will save you money so you are not buying full meals or random food stops every few hours. If you can grab some snacks from home and pack them, then even better and you’re more prepared earlier.

  • Get Into the Airport Lounge

    If you’re a premium member and can be inside the airport lounge, you’ll save money on having to buy such expensive airport food and drinks. Yes, it does cost to join but overtime it can end up saving you tons of money.

  • TSA PreCheck/Global Entry

    Not only will you be allowed to get through airports faster and not stand in those long lines, but you may also get the application fee reimbursed with certain credit cards so that’s an even bigger bonus!

  • Take Advantage of Credit Card Free Night Certificates

    Some hotel credit cards will offer free night certificates. If you have these, use them! Plan vacations around the free nights and not only be spontaneous but save yourself some money while earning those rewards.

  • Arrive Early

    If you need to be at the airport, get there early! You may pay money for an overpriced ride when rushing, but also some rideshares have certain time frames more expensive heading to the airport. Do yourself a favor and just get there early to ave you the trouble.

  • Book Hotel Rooms on Points

    Use your points! Why else do you have them? It is almost always a good idea to spend your hotel points rather than save them. 

  • Travel During the Off Season

    Not only is traveling during the off season a way to avoid crowds, but you’ll usually be able to get a better deal. From hotels to flights, prices tend to be significantly cheaper during the off seasons. 

  • Tourist Attractions That Are Free

    Everyone loves the fun excursions and fancy things to do, but why not be a tourist during your trip and visit the local favorites that don’t cost you any money. From walking around certain areas, shopping at local markets, and beaches you can enjoy so much in a new area for little to no cost.