Are you hungry? If you are like me, then anytime I get hungry potatoes are always great. Coming in so many forms, a potato will truly never disappoint you. One of my favorite ways to enjoy potatoes is in the form of some great tater tots. Hmm, sounds good just typing it out. Thursday, March 31 we celebrate National Tater Day and all of its glory!

National Tater Day celebrates one of the best forms of potatoes. Celebrating this comfort food has become a thing since 1843. Although the tater tot is just one of the many forms of potatoes, it’s still enjoyed by all. Wondering what are some great ways to enjoy a great tater? Look no further, that is why I am here. Try out any of these recipes today, tomorrow, or any day a tater is one of your cravings.

10 Tater Recipes to Try At Home: