The world is full of holidays. In fact, there is something we celebrate every single day of the year (and not just someone’s birthday). I often consult the website National Today which breaks down every holiday from serious ones to food celebrations, to holidays specifically for people with a certain name. You learn something new every day! And today, February 7th, there are actually 12 holidays we celebrate. But some are better than others. So I’m here to tell you about 4 of them that makes me want to have a cake and crack a cold one open in their honor. Each of these four are things that I genuinely enjoy and appreciate so hopefully you will too!

Holidays We Celebrate February 7th

  • Ballet Day


    This one is near and dear to my heart. As a retired dancer, who didn’t perform much ballet, but took ballet class almost every day the intricate artistry never ceased to amaze me. It’s the steps that look the most simple that truly take the most time to perfect. And the folks at National Today see it writing, ” The grace in ballet is undeniable and we tend to forget the unbelievable athleticism and strength needed to achieve that. Female ballerinas can carry three times their body weight while dancing on the tip of their big toe. Male ballerinas are capable of lifting one and a half tons during a single performance. “

  • National Send A Card To A Friend Day

    Greeting Card

    There is nothing better than a handwritten note, especially one that comes as a surprise in the mail It’s something our society doesn’t do enough of these days. But a simple “I’m thinking of you” speaks volumes. Sure is this another “greeting card industry” made-up holiday? Of course it is. But would celebrating it make your day better? Probably!

  • National Fettuccine Alfredo Day


    I feel like Fettuccine Alfredo sometimes gets a bad wrap as a kid’s menu-type item. But boy is it delicious! It’s simple but when it’s good it’s good. Glad this delectable pasta dish has a day to celebrate it.

  • National Rose Day


    Perhaps the most popular flower in the world, it’s fitting we recognize the rose in the Valentine’s Day season.

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