It’s just the name of the game that sometimes presents, given with the best of intentions, just aren’t right for you. Maybe it’s a toy your child already has, a book you’ve already read, or something that just isn’t your style. But it can be hard to know what to do with those unwanted gifts. Instead of just tossing them or letting them collect dust leading recycling and waste management experts shared the best ways to re-purpose those unwanted Christmas gifts.

Revealed: 5 ways to recycle, reuse or donate unwanted Christmas presents

  • 1. Donate toys to a children’s hospital

    If your child receives a duplicate gift, or something that just isn’t exciting for them, don’t just let it sit and collect dust.Instead teach your child a lesson on giving back and make the day of a child who needs a smile. You can donate unwanted toys and children’s products to a children’s hospital or hospice near you.

  • 2. Take books to a school or charity

    If you’ve read the book already over the Christmas period, its one you already have the bookshelf or kindle, or maybe it’s something your child will grow out of by next Christmas. If any of these apply check and see if your local school, library or charity shop is taking books. Another worthwhile organization, Books 2 Africa, donates over 20,000 books each month to schools and centers in Africa.

  • 3. Make money by selling online

    You’ve heard the saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Just because it wasn’t the perfect gift for you doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t want it or even pay for it. There are plenty of options to resell online from Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, eBay, among others.  And if you choose to sell on eBay consider donating to charity whilst earning for yourself too. The site will give you the option to select a percentage of the proceeds to go to charity.

  • 4. Re-gift

    You never know when you may need a gift on hand. Keep those unwanted gifts in good condition and still in the packaging and use them as a birthday present, housewarming gift, etc. You avoid that dreaded last-minute shopping trip, save a little money, and that person may love the gift that just wasn’t for you.

  • 5. Save all the packaging for next year

    You can still be sustainable with gifts you love. Save the gift bags, boxes, bows, etc to use next year. Also tissue paper and wrapping paper are recyclable as long as they don’t have foil in them.

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