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You’re cruising down the road, wind in your hair, and the stereo cranked up to your favorite song. Life couldn’t be better, right? Well, hold on, because here come those annoying drivers determined to ruin your joyride. From the oblivious ones who think turn signals are optional, to the speedsters weaving through traffic like they’re in a Fast and Furious movie. There’s no shortage of infuriating things they do. It’s like they have a secret handbook on how to push our buttons.

You’ve probably dealt with tons of annoying drivers over the years. While the list of annoying drivers could go on, there are eight examples that stand out as the worst of the worst. The next time you find yourself near an annoying driver, take a deep breath, and remember that patience is a virtue.

Is it the person or the car brand?

Does the car’s brand make a driver more annoying? A 2021 survey conducted by Moneybarn in the United Kingdom found that BMW owners were widely regarded as the most disliked drivers on the road, with nearly 40 percent of respondents identifying them as the worst and most prone to causing accidents. Audi came in a distant second at 14 percent.

In the United States, Insurify, a car insurance comparison website, released a report on the Rudest Drivers in 2021. To compile the data, their team analyzed over four million applications, where applicants disclosed their car make and model and any driving violations over the past seven years. The results showed that in 2020, BMW drivers were considered the rudest. In 2021, it was Kia Stinger drivers who took the top spot. Audi A4 Allroad drivers ranked as the second rudest, followed by BMW 4-Series drivers.

Ultimately, it is the driver, not the brand of the car, that determines their behavior on the road. While these findings may suggest certain trends, it would be unfair to make blanket assumptions about all drivers of a particular car brand.

Annoying drivers can really test our patience, but it’s important to stay cool and drive responsibly. Remember, we’re all just trying to get from point A to point B in one piece.

Here are 7 seriously annoying things that other drivers do on the road.

  • The Lane Hogger

    You know the type. They leisurely cruise along in the left lane, seemingly oblivious to the growing line of cars behind them. They show no intention of moving over, despite signs clearly indicating slower traffic should keep right. It’s as if they believe they own that lane and everyone else is just passing through.

    Angry woman driving a car. The girl with an expression of displeasure is actively gesticulating behind the wheel of the car.

  • The Indecisive Merge Master

    You’re approaching a merging lane, diligently signaling your intention to merge, when suddenly you spot them—the driver who can’t seem to commit to either accelerating to merge or slowing down to let you in. They teeter on the edge of indecision, causing a chaotic dance of hesitant maneuvering that disrupts the flow of traffic.
    Woman drives her car for the first time, tries to avoid a car accident, is very nervous and scared, worries, clings tightly to the wheel. Inexperienced driver in stress and confusion after an accident

  • The Tailgater

    We’ve all encountered the driver who seemingly has a vendetta against personal space. They ride your bumper with an intensity that could rival a race car driver. Whether they’re running late or simply have a persistent need to assert dominance, their tailgating antics create an anxiety-inducing experience.
    old yellow car with message stenciled on the rear deck

  • The Incessant Honker

    Honking is meant to be a communication tool, a gentle reminder to draw attention to potential dangers or to express gratitude. However, a special breed of drivers wield their horns like a weapon of mass annoyance. They honk at the slightest inconvenience, from a fraction-of-a-second delay at a green light to a cautious pedestrian exercising their right of way.
    Closeup photo of annoyed woman driving car and honking

  • The Distracted Doodler

    We’re all aware of the dangers of distracted driving, yet some individuals choose to engage in activities outside the confines of a moving vehicle. From applying makeup and eating full meals to scrolling through social media or engaging in animated conversations, these drivers treat their cars as mobile living rooms. Their lack of focus puts us all at risk, and we can’t help but wonder if they have forgotten that driving requires undivided attention.
    forbidden and perilous with close-up of woman's hand, holding burger and coffee, engaged in reckless eating and drinking While driving car

  • The Fast Lane Snail

    The left lane, aka the fast lane, is meant for, well, going fast. But there’s always that one driver who decides to take a leisurely Sunday drive right there, blocking everyone else behind them. This forces other drivers to undertake risky maneuvers to overtake them, leading to frustration and potentially dangerous situations.
    Cropped shot of a young woman looking stressed-out while sitting in her car. Stressed woman driver. Transportation concept. Sad businesswoman driver sitting in car

  • The Traffic Rule Ignorer

    Traffic rules exist for a reason. To maintain order, safety, and efficiency on the roads. However, some drivers seemingly view these rules as mere suggestions. They run red lights, ignore stop signs, and make illegal U-turns with complete disregard for the potential consequences. Their actions create chaos and put everyone around them at risk.
    Driving car at motorway at high speed

  • The Turn Signal Skippers

    It’s like these drivers believe that turn signals are optional car accessories. They change lanes or make turns without a single blinker in sight, leaving the rest of us to play mind readers and guess their next move.
    A man turns on the turn signal to the left on the lever in the car. Automotive panel close-up. 4k

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