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One thing about cooking, depending on where you’re from you may know a little more. The Carolinas are known for having some top-tier food. Of course, the south has great cuisine, but the Carolinas especially know how to create some tasty foods. From seafood to cole slaw, North Carolina is known for some pretty popular dishes.

Taste Atlas created a list of the 7 most popular North Carolinian dishes that everyone in North Carolina knows. These food items are a must to know if you’re from North Carolina. Check out seven of the most popular North Carolinian dishes that you should know, but will know just in case you did not. I am not originally from North Carolina, so some of these are a little new to me. But, I am excited to learn some new things.

  • 7. Moravian Spice Cookies

    Originating in Winston-Salem area, Moravian Spice Cookies are a popular North Carolina treat. These traditional cookies are a descendant of German lebkuchen and are made with a combination of spices and molasses. This tasty cookie is also known as “the World’s thinnest cookie.” Guess that means it’s great to enjoy even on a diet, right?

  • 6. Calabash-Style Seafood

    Listen, now if it’s one thing I can certainly co-sign it’s calabash seafood. I LOVE seafood, but fried seafood is even more my favorite to enjoy. Calabash style is a traditional American-buffet style type of dish from Calabash, North Carolina. Seafood such as fish, shrimp, oysters, and and more are lightly breaded and fried golden and served with hushpuppies. One of the key hints to calabash is also frying with cornmeal instead of flower. How tasty is that?

  • 5. Red Slaw

    Coming straight out of Lexington, North Carolina is red slaw. I am not a big fan of cole slaw, which is a shock as it is such a Carolina staple. Red slaw is the regional version of cole slaw that has ketchup giving it its reddish hue. It’s very popular in Lexington as it is served with Lexington style barbecue quite often. Red slaw is one of those things that may taste different depending on who makes it as the ingredients can vary quite often.

  • 4. Livermush

    Okay, now this is something I have never heard of. Livermush must be a North Carolina thing for sure and I have not been here long enough to understand. It consists of slices of livermush being fried until golden. They can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • 3. Carolina-Style Hot Dog

    Everyone loves a hot dog just about anywhere you go, but a Carolina style hot dog might be something everyone around the world needs to try. Carolina style dogs are characterized based upon a set of condiments slapped right on top. Enjoy slaw, onions, and chili right on top. The salty, sweet balance lets everyone know they are enjoying a good Carolina style hot dog.

  • 2. North Carolina-Style Barbecue

    North Carolina-style barbecue is known across the entire country. Whenever you watch some of your favorite barbecue cooking shows you can count on someone from the Carolinas being there. On the eastern side of North Carolina, they use the whole hog and on the west, they smoke only the pork shoulder. Both are loved by everyone though. North Carolina-styled barbecue is probably the oldest style of barbecue in America.

  • 1. Pulled Pork

    Coming in at No. 1 is pulled pork. Pulled pork is an American barbecue technique of cooking meat slow and over high heat. The tender meat is then pulled into small pieces ready for those to enjoy. Pulled pork typically uses the shoulder cuts and dressed with vinegar, pepper, and tomato sauce. Yummm!

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