Flowers, chocolate, a fancy dinner, and a card can easily run you several hundred dollars. And yes, your significant other is worth it, but you don’t have to spend a lot to have a special night. Yes, contrary to popular belief you can celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget. Our friends over at Lucky Pants put together eight ideas that will get the sparks flying this Valentine’s Day, without the need to spend a fortune. In this challenging economic time, many couples are looking for ways to save money, without cutting corners. This is shown in Google Search data which shows searches for ‘Affordable Valentine’s gifts’ have seen a huge increase of 200% over the past seven days.

Additionally, folks are searching for ‘homemade valentine’s gifts for him’. With that search has increased by 70% over the past week. Several of the ideas listed below are essentially free, and others will cost you a minimal amount. But all of them will create more memories than the crowded steakhouse dinner. And those chocolates that will go half eaten. If you want to send flowers, guys let me give you a hint, do it on a random day. It’s the thought, and when it’s out of the blue it will be even more appreciated!

So if you’re planning Valentine’s Day on a budget, check out these eight fun and innovative ways for how you and your other half can have a romantic day, without the cost.

  • Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Creating a scrapbook with your favorite memories can be a fun activity for you and your partner if you love special keepsakes. You can not only take a trip down memory lane to show your appreciation for one another, but you can also get creative and decorate it as you like.

  • Create Your Own ‘Jar Of Love’

    A compliment is a great way to make your partner feel special, so imagine if they could pick one out each day. Consider making your partner a ‘Jar of Love’. Put your favorite things about your partner into a pretty and personalized jar after writing them down on pieces of paper. Your partner can then pick out a compliment when they need it most. It’s a simple but extremely thoughtful gift they will treasure all year.

  • Make Your Own Personalized Coupons

    There is no reason why coupons must always have monetary value; they can also be romantic! Create your partner their very own Valentine’s Day coupons they’ll love. Perhaps you could offer them a ‘breakfast in bed’ coupon to claim at any time. Or, you could gift them an ‘automatically win the argument’ coupon – that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face!

  • Learn A Language Of Love

    If you’re like me the thought of learning another language is overwhelming. You don’t need to be fluent, but why not take the opportunity to express how you feel to each other in a different language? French and Italian are two of the more romantic languages, that you’d both love. And you’ll enjoy learning something new together. The pronunciation doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s the effort that’s important, how romantic would it be if you could show appreciation to one another in a whole different language? 

  • Partner Up In The Kitchen

    Cooking (whether you’re good at it or not) is a fun way to bond with your partner. In fact, if you’re bad it will bring lots of laughs and memories! There are lots of fun ways to cook with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Take a trip back to your first date and create the same food you ate. Take it to the next level by wearing the same clothes, introducing yourselves, and having those awkward first-date conversations again. You will soon realize your relationship has come a long way since then and you’re guaranteed to share a laugh along the way.

  • Create A Romantic Playlist

    Creating a romantic playlist for your other half will show your partner how much you really know and appreciate them. Just don’t pull a Chandler from Friends and reuse one an ex made you! You can include songs that were playing at your first concert together, songs that make you think of them, or songs your partner loves to sing in the shower. It’s a super romantic gesture that requires some planning but won’t cost a penny.

  • Visit A Free Museum Or Art Gallery

    Want to get out of the house but would like to avoid the sometimes expensive cost that comes with visiting somewhere? Consider visiting a free museum or art gallery in your area. They are a great way to explore, and walking around together while discussing the experience may be a lot more intimate and memorable than what you may first expect. If you haven’t done this since your school field trips, I promise you’ll enjoy it more now!

  • Have A Pamper Session

    Admit it, there is no better feeling than being pampered. And you can easily treat your partner to a pamper set is a gift they’re guaranteed to appreciate. It could consist of scented candles, face masks, comfy slipper socks, and chocolates. Simple and affordable, but it’s a great way to tell your partner they deserve a night of relaxation and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

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