Super Sunday is coming hard.  There are a handful of events or holidays in this country that I look forward to because of the food.  Let’s call it my own personal food day Mt. Rushmore.  Top of the list for me is Thanksgiving.  My wife is an amazing cook and between her mastery of “the sides” and mine in the area of frying turkey…yeah, we’re great.  Next is Christmas.  No sooner have I somehow found a way to dump the turkey day pounds (no regrets-btw) than the sweet treats, mashed potatoes, stuffed beef tenderloin, etc. happily enter my life.  The final two of my four horseman of waistline apocalypse you can take in any order.  July 4th is fabulous.  Burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, cobbler, chips, dips, beer…yessir, quite a day.  And then there’s this Sunday.  The attorneys of The National Football League make everyone on the planet not working for Fox this week refer to it as “The Big Game.”  You know what I’m talking about.  There’s not a day of constant range snacking that can hold a candle to Super Sunday.  The menu is similar to July 4th, only with wider variety.  And we all love it.  However, once done with that gluttony, there’s a price to be paid.  Admit it, you’ve had to “suck in” to button your pants on the Monday after.  So how much can you consume?  What’s the cost to get rid of the results of this consumption?  Well, I thought you’d never ask.

Burning Off Your Super Sunday Snacking

  • 2 Slices of Dominos Pizza

    You can say what you want, but I LOVE Dominos Pizza.  It’s the first delivery pie I ever had and their thin crust pie?  I could go to town on a large, by myself, right now!  Anyway, if you indulge in just two slices on Super Sunday, you only have run the length of a football field…ONE HUNDRED AND NINE TIMES to burn those calories off!  Discouraged into fasting yet? <g>

  • French Onion Dip and 1 Chip

    I know, this seems utterly ridiculous, yes?  I mean who exactly can eat just ONE chip with any dip, much less one as delicious as French Onion Dip?  Not me!  However, if this is your jam, just one chip full of this goodness will cost you having to sing your favorite country songs at the top of your lungs for 30 minutes.  Perhaps more painful for whoever is in your presence than you.

  • 2 KFC Original Recipe Drumsticks

    I haven’t had KFC in quite a while, but just thinking about their amazing, juicy drumsticks makes my tummy smile with delight.  And you might think, how bad can just two be?  What am I going to have to endure to offset the nutritional damage done?  Well, you know that annoying stand-up/sit-down ritual in the stadium known as “The Wave?”  Well, all you need to do to get rid of the calories from 2 drumsticks, is to do the wave…in your living room…1,561 times.

  • 2 Bottles of Budweiser

    Just a couple of beers?  What are we talking about here?  Especially since Bud is almost synonymous with Super Sunday, right?  I mean how may great commercials during the game have they been responsible for over the years?  No way just 2 bottles of Bud can do any damage.  Well, they don’t.  That is if you don’t mind doing 267 touchdown dances to burn off those two bottles.

  • Half A Rack of Baby Back Ribs

    Okay, now we’re getting serious.  I mean does anything scream football, tail gating, Super Sunday snack down like baby back ribs.  And hey, it’s not like you’re choking down a full rack, just a half rack.  The cost?  Nonstop cheering for 90 minutes.  Think cheerleading isn’t a sport?  Do it for 90 minutes and then get back to me!

  • 1 Meatball Sub

    This may not be a dish that’s on your Super Sunday radar, but now that I’ve mentioned it, you went “Oooooh….that sounds good.”  In fact, anyone who is NOT saying that, hasn’t had a good meatball sub.  Anyway, indulge in just one of these at your gathering on Sunday and be prepared to apply face paint to 38 people to burn it off.

  • 6 Doritos Chips

    You can make a solid argument for Lays, Pringles, Tostitos, etc.  However, if you’re really honest with yourself, Doritos are the GOAT.  Specifically Nacho Cheese Flavored Doritos.  Truly, these are a mandatory staple of ANY Super Sunday party.  I mean, you really need to leave if there’s not a bowl/bag of these on the table.  Now, down to business.  Eat six.  That’s right, just eat SIX of these crispy delectable delights and be prepared to clean house-vigorously-for 18 minutes.  Ladies, this may be your open door to getting some hubby help around the house.

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