Many popular cereals are no longer “healthy” under new proposed FDA guidelines.   I, like you, grow more confused every day.  We learn new things daily about food science and nutrition.  And it’s hard to follow sometimes.  In response to changing data, food labels need to align with updated dietary guidelines, according to the FDA.  The Food and Drug Administration used a list of cereals as examples of foods that don’t meet the new criteria.  Obviously, it comes as no surprise we don’t eat enough fruit and veggies.  And, sugar, saturated fat and sodium grew as a bigger part of our diet.  Therefore, the proposal requires products  contain meaningful amounts of food from either vegetable, fruit and or dairy for a healthy label.  Also, the products need limits on saturated fat, sodium and added sugar.  Percentages of daily values determine specific numbers.  Using cereal as the example, the FDA explains it needs to include 3/4 ounces of whole grains and no more than 1 gram of saturated fat.  The guideline limits sodium to 230 milligrams and added sugar to 2.5 grams.  CNBC listed 7 cereals that would no longer qualify as “healthy” under new guidelines.  We highlighted some familiar ones and added some of our faves.  I hope your favorite still makes the grade.

  • Special K

    Over the years, Special K has added many tasty varieties and flavors.  I’ve tried them all I think.  There’s been berries, protein, vanilla almond and even chocolate.  In fact, it was usually my go-to “healthy” choice when I was trying to shape up and diet.  However, under proposed new labeling rules, it does not fit the criteria.
    Does not meet proposed guidelines:  4 grams added sugars

  • Rice Krispies

    We all grew up with the “snap, crackle and pop” of the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal. And, who doesn’t love mixing it in with marshmallows and butter for the treat that sells out at bake sales? Of course, no one ever thought of the treat as “healthy.” But, the cereal alone seems relatively tame. However, under the strict new proposed guidelines, it would not qualify due to the sugar content. I’m betting I’ll still indulge from time to time! Does not meet proposed guidelines: 4 grams added sugar

  • Kellogg's Corn Flakes

    What kid didn’t grow up eating Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.  I admit I poured several spoons of sugar into the bowl.  My favorite part was scooping up the sugar crystal milk and basically drinking it after the flakes disappeared.  And, who can forget the iconic rooster on the label? It’s been around since 1894, so it’s not going away.  But, unfortunately, it also loses the healthy label under new guidelines.  Does not meet proposed guidelines: 4 grams added sugars, 300 milligrams of sodium

  • Honey Nut Cheerios

    Every toddler I know starts out on some variation of Cheerios.  The Honey Nut version came along in 1979.  It is sweeter than the original, and it’s delicious even without milk.  Although moms love throwing it into a baggie and taking it along on outings with the kids, it falls short under new guidelines.  Does not meet proposed guidelines:  12 grams added sugars

  • Rice Chex

    I always included Rice Chex as part of my favorite holiday mix with all the cereals and Worcestershire sauce.  That stuff is delicious baking in the oven.  It also comes in a bunch of different flavors, including cinnamon.  There’s even a gluten-free variety.  But, that’s not enough to keep it on the healthy list under new guidelines.  Does not meet proposed guidelines: 330 milligrams sodium

  • Quaker Life Cereal

    I love Life Cereal.  I especially love the cinnamon flavor.  It’s touted as a wholesome choice that even the fussy eaters in the family will enjoy.  Who can forget iconic ad character “Mikey.”  He supposedly hated everything.  But he liked Life Cereal.  However, under new guidelines, it’s off the list, too. Does not meet proposed guidelines:  8 grams added sugar

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