Flight attendants tend to avoid many airline foods and you probably should, too. (Photo by Digital Vision/Getty Images)

I fly a couple of times per year. When I do, I like to avail myself of the snack and beverage cart. I figure, hey, I paid all this money for a seat, I’m going to take advantage of the perks. I suppose a can of ginger ale and a bag of pretzels might not be much of a perk. However, on longer flights, like to Europe, you can get a full meal or two. But should you? According the some flight attendants, no.

Most food served on airplanes is prepared by outside catering companies, driven to airports, and then loaded onto each flight. As it turns out, most airline employees actually avoid much of this food and bring their own with them. Flight attendants are the experts when it comes to the food and drinks that are served to passengers, which is why Huffington Post asked them which items to avoid.

We’re always hearing how dehydrating it is to fly, but one of the things flight attendants warn against is the water served by the airlines. Booze is another thing to avoid on planes. For one thing, it doesn’t help with the dehydration. And do we really need any more stories about liquored-up airline passengers in the news? Check out the list of foods and beverages that flight attendants say we should avoid below.

  • Water (Coffee and Tea included)

    Dehydration is a big problem on flights due to lower barometric pressure in an airplane’s cabin, so you should drink water. Just not all water. Bottled water is fine but one veteran flight attendant says, “Most flight attendants won’t drink the tap water, coffee, or tea.” She explains, “It all comes down to how often the pipes are cleaned,” and this water is used to brew the coffee and tea.

    A flight attendant is seen serving drinks and snacks on board the Air Asia Boeing 737-300 flight from Bangkok to Phuket on February 25, 2004 in Bangkok, Thailand.

    (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

  • Alcohol

    Alcohol affects your body negatively when in high altitude. Clare Morrison, a medical professional said, “The lower level of oxygen in your blood means that you may seem drunker in the air than you would on the ground after consuming the same amount of alcohol.” Maybe that’s why some passengers lose their $#!& in the air. It’s also worth noting that the ice served on flights was probably made with the aforementioned tap water that flight attendants avoid.

    Airline meal with glass of red wine.

    (Photo by VEX Collective/Getty Images)

  • Entrees and Deli Sandwiches

    The low cabin pressure on airplanes can cause a less intense taste in food and most airplane food is heavily salted to enhance flavor, according to a study commissioned by Lufthansa. Many of the entrées and deli sandwiches served on flights are high in sodium. Vanessa Rissetto, a New Jersey-based registered dietitian said “because of pressure shifts, some people retain water during a flight, so something overly processed or too high in sodium might exacerbate” headaches related to dehydration, fatigue, or constipation.

    Airline passenger eating meal.

    (Photo by Chalabala/Getty Images)

  • Steaks and Fillets

    Flight attendants report that these items are almost always overcooked. A Delta Air Lines flight attendant said, “If you are particular about how your steak should be prepared, don’t eat it.” Because of the high sodium content in most airline food, you’re really better off with whole foods, like fruits and vegetables.

    Steaks cooking on grill.

    (Photo by rez-art/Getty Images)

  • Cheese Trays

    One flight attendant said: “Stay away from cheese trays, as they aren’t too fresh. They are [made of] cheese, sure, but they’re basically shelf-stable products.” Most of the cheese served on flights is the processed variety that doesn’t require refrigeration. Eww…

    Cheese and crackers

    (Photo by MSPhotographic/Getty Images)

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