CARACAS, VENEZUELA - NOVEMBER 30: View of the front face of a Pizza Hut store in Las Mercedes on November 30, 2020 in Caracas, Venezuela. CryptoBuyer has become Pizza Hut's payments partner in Venezuela. Customers can make orders for food with bitcoin, dash and CryptoBuyer's own token, XPT. With Venezuela suffering from hyperinflation, the nation is seen as having potential for rising adoption of cryptocurrency as an alternative method of payment and store of value.

Tis’ the season. For holiday parties, takeout, baseball, holiday snacks, and more. And we bring you all of that in this week’s food news fix! And boy do we have news for you. Today was the day for multiple pizza chain announcements we’re talking Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Little Ceasars. Of course, Taco Bell has us talking. And how about a fast food flavored liquor to cheers with? Yeah, that one may be a hard pass for me. Fruitcake-flavored soda? Again my curiosity is peaked but my taste buds are screaming “no”! The return of a holiday cereal though is the one I’ll most likely try.

Do you love to try crazy food combinations and concoctions? Or are you more of a stick-to-the-basics, tried-and-true type of person? I recently watched a video ranking all of the different Oreo flavors, and it seems that while some are good, sticking to what I know is more my speed. Some of these menu items might be worth tasting though! And as they say, any publicity is good publicity and I’m talking about them. Here is this week’s installment of Food News Fix! If you try any of these let us know on social media! Enjoy.

  • Pizza Hut Melts

    Pizza Hut has a new menu item.  The chain is introducing Pizza Hut Melts, which offer pizza lovers the taste of pizza in handheld form without having to order a whole pie. One order of Melts includes two slices Thin N’ Crispy crust loaded up with toppings and cheese, folded over, and baked until melty. Melts include a side a dipping sauce and come in pepperoni lover’s, buffalo chicken, chicken bacon parmesan, and meat lover’s varieties. New Pizza Hut Melts can be found at participating locations nationwide starting today.


  • Papa Johns Papadia

    Papa Johns is expanding its Papadia lineup with a new Pepperoni-Crusted Papadia. The new pizza-treat is a pepperoni and parmesan-crusted flatbread-style sandwich stuffed with real cheese made from mozzarella and the brand’s signature pepperoni. It’s also served with a side of pizza dipping sauce. The Pepperoni-Crusted Papadia is available now exclusively to Papa Rewards members and will become available to the public on October 24.

  • Little Caesars Call of Duty Collab

    Little Caesars Launches Call Of Duty Combo Little Caesars is gearing up for the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.  The chain has a new Call of Duty Combo, which includes a large Slices-N-Stix pizza featuring half a Classic pepperoni pizza and half Italian Cheese Bread, Crazy Sauce, and a 20-oz Mountain Dew for $7.99.  Gamers who order from Little Caesars can also get their hands on unique codes that unlock Dual 2XP for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. To take advantage of the offer, order online or in-store and save your receipt to unlock Dual 2XP, as well as access to other bonus in-game items, and the chance to win free prizes like customized PlayStation 5s, wireless controllers, and other swag.

  • Arby's Smoked Bourbon

    Arby’s Releases Smoked Bourbon Arby’s is releasing a new limited-edition Arby’s Smoked Bourbon. Inspired by the brand’s 13-hour smoked brisket sandwich and the limited-edition real country-style rib sandwich, the booze is smoked with the same wood used to smoke their meats. The chain says, “American oak is smoked in a patented process with hickory, mesquite, and pecan smoke from Sadler’s Smokehouse in Texas, where much of Arby’s finest meats are smoked. The oak is then placed in the bourbon, the bourbon is then WoodCraft finished by placing the smoked wood inside where it is heated and cooled to replicate the variation of temperature through the seasons. The result is a familiar smokiness and bold flavor that all Arby’s fans know and expect.” Arby’s Smoked Bourbon will be available exclusively at beginning Wednesday at noon ET for 60 dollars.

  • Steal A Base With Taco Bell

    Taco Bell Doing Steal A Base Promotion Taco Bell is bringing back the much-anticipated Steal a Base, Steal a Taco event for the 2022 World Series. As part of the promotion, once the first base is stolen in this year’s World Series, Taco Bell will offer a free Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos for everyone in the country. Taco Bell Rewards members will now be able to access the offer on the same night the base is stolen only on the Taco Bell app. Sign up for Taco Bell Rewards by the start of the world series or within ten days after the base is stolen to snag the deal. The World Series begins Friday, October 28, live on FOX.


  • Fruitcake Mountain Dew

    Fruitcake Mountain Dew Is Here Fruitcake-flavored Mountain Dew is starting to hit shelves for the holidays. Mountain Dew “Fruit Quake” will roll out nationwide by November.  According to the label, it’s got a nice blast of “artificial fruitcake flavor.” The reviews for the Fruit Quake flavor are mixed so far.  One Mountain Dew super-fan said it’s even grosser than the gingerbread flavor and one said it tastes like the inside of an arts-and-crafts store.

  • Sugar Cookie Cereal

    Another Cookie Flavored Cereal Hits Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch cereal is coming. The new General Mills product is launching for the holidays and features a sweet new take on the classic Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, with the added flavor of Christmas cookies.   The cereal is a limited-edition offering only being sold during the winter months. What’s the best sugar cereal?  Were you allowed to eat sugar cereals when you were a kid?  What was your favorite kind then?

  • Candy Canes

    Unique Candy Cane Flavors Appear New candy cane flavors are already hitting stores.  Two of the more unique flavors that will be available this year are the Thin Mint variety and the Twinkie flavor. The Girl Scouts Thin Mints candy cane will obviously taste like the very popular Girl Scout cookie and has a green and red swirl. The Twinkie candy cane is yellow and white and is flavored to taste like Twinkies, whatever that means. What flavor should be a candy cane?