It’s inevitable you will eventually have a bad day. Maybe it’s traffic, issues with work, But how you handle that says a lot about you. I know I’m not the best about it, but I tend to turn to venting (to countless people) or having one too many glasses of wine. Some people choose some self-care like a massage, facial, hot shower, or perhaps a yoga class. Some may take the bad day as an excuse to pig out on ice cream and chocolate. Whatever you do though, keep it legal. But if you are looking for a healthier more “productive” way to release that anger then I’ve got you covered.  Often times there is someone in particular who has caused your day or stress. And as I mentioned keep it legal, but if you need to release your rage “on” that person I can relate and sympathize. This is why I’ve come up with some ideas to let out that frustration and rage in Charlotte.

Because let’s face it we all have bad days. And you need to let that anger out otherwise it will just continue to build up inside of you til you snap. And that’s not good for anyone. So the three activities you’ll find on this list, focus on that. Letting the anger out. You won’t find relaxation on this list. This is all in good fun and intended for just those days that kick you a little too hard. If you are having serious issues with depression or anger management please seek out professional health. But if you just want to let out your frustration and rage in the Charlotte North Carolina area? Then these three ideas are for you! Because let’s all be in a good mood!

  • Rage Rooms

    Had a really really bad day? Take it out at a rage room. These places you can go and actually destroy everything. Like grab a sledgehammer and get to pounding. It’s like living “Demolition Day’ on any and every HGTV show but whenever you want, not in the middle of an $80,000 kitchen renovation. Charlotte is home to three “rage rooms”- House of Purge, Tonic Rage Room (technically Concord), and Grevious Gallery. All will let you rent a room and destroy objects like old electronics to your heart’s desire. Who needs therapy when you can have this?

  • Axe Throwing

    Axe throwing has been a trend for a few years now. One that I’m not sure I’m coordinated enough to participate in. But if hand-eye coordination is a skill you have or even not this can be a great stress reliever as well. Just picture or perhaps tape a photo, of the person you’re mad at on the target. Because behind every bad day, there is always someone responsible. I don’t condone throwing actual axes at people, but if it throwing one at a photo of their face helps you heal. Then you do you. There are several axe throwing options in Charlotte including BATL Axe Throwing and Bad Axe Throwing.

  • Boxing/Punching Bags


    I find hitting the punch bag a great way to release stress. And you feel hreat afterwards!😁. This video was taken from my last trip to Barbados where during my stay i trained at an outdoor gym near Limegrove in St James. #boxing #punchbag #martialarts

    ♬ original sound - Jermaynewilliamsfitness

    Several years ago I gave 9 Rounds a try. And while it wasn’t personally the workout for me, I did get some enjoyment from punching as hard as I possibly could. At the time I had a terrible boss in a second job I was working, and on more than one occasion I may have visualized that I was taking my frustrations of her out on that punching bag. Fantastic stress relief. But there are numerous places including the aforementioned 9 Rounds and OXFitness.

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