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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In this image released on March 14, Harry Styles performs onstage during the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California and broadcast on March 14, 2021.

Love, glamour and feathered boas filled the air (literally) as Harry Styles opened his “Harry’s House” residency at Los Angeles’ KIA Forum on October 23. Rainbow lights and big white letters reading “HARRY’S HOUSE” topped the venue… as if you didn’t know where you were, or who was playing.

Instagram-able activations were set up around the venue for the “Harries” (the name that fans have coined for themselves). Music titles, past set lists, photos of Harry, and art installations were just some of the unique pieces for fans to check out. Of course, there were the normal merch stands and the lines were eighty miles deep with cash and cards flying left and right.

Styles came dressed to impress in a white and orange jeweled suit jacket and matching pants. The night popped off strong with Harry Styles frolicking around the stage singing “Daydreaming.” Harry spilt his time singing different parts of his setlist in four quadrants of the stage, so everyone was close to Harry for at least part of the show. The crowd gave 150 percent of their attention and were cheering on command. “H” was very witty on stage calling out fans, parents and his band to let everyone know he was the owner of his own house. Like all homes, what happens behind closed doors at Harry’s House ended up on social media.

  • Harry Styles Inspired Art Installations

    The KIA Forum displayed quotes from Harry’s newest album “Harry’s House” on their giant white pillars saying, “I Just Think You’re Cool, I Dig Your Cinema,” “Maple Syrup, Coffee Pancakes For Two, Hash Brown, Egg Yolk, I Will Always Love You” and “You Are Home.”

    inside the harry styles concert

    One side of the venue had a freeway sign that fans could stand under that said, “Kia Forum 15, Harry’s House, Keep Driving.”

    15 nights live

  • Helping A Fan Come "Come Out"

    Midway through the show, Harry did his signature sign reading where he calls out fan’s posters and interacts with them. One notable interaction occurred where a small orange sign read, “Help me come out.” He asked the eager fan, Sirena, “Do you want to do this?” The fan responded with “yes.” Harry called out to the crowd asking if any fan had a feathered boa that he could borrow to start the process of “coming out.” Harry proceeded with saying, “When this boa is raised above my head, you’re out!” The crowd cheered with excitement. “Don’t ask me why, it’s just how it works” said Harry. He waved the boa up and down a few times and on the final time he screeched. He followed up with, “Congratulations Sirena, thank you for being here tonight, congrats to you.”

    Harry Styles fans

  • Calling Out Parents For Leaving Early

    Near the end of the show, some parents were exiting their seats a bit early before Harry was finished with his set. Harry was very vocal about letting the parents know how he felt about that. He said in a joking but firm manner, “back to the seats” and waited for them to turn around. The parents turned bright red and headed back to their seats. He then remarked how they can leave but they would be missing out on the final parts of the show. “Avoid the traffic” he said. He then joked in good spirits with the fans on how we “bullied” the concert guests back to their seats.

    parents leaving a harry styles show

  • Diverse Band Rocked The Stage

    Harry’s band featured a diverse cast of talented musicians from many different cultures that played center stage with him for the entire show. His band members include:

    • Mitchell Rowland – Guitar and vocals
    • Sarah Jones – Drums and vocals
    • Pauli Lovejoy – Percussions and vocals
    • Yaffra – Keys and vocals
    • Elin Sandberg – Bass and vocals
    • Ny Oh – Piano, guitar and vocals

    A stand out and fan favorite is Harry’s drummer and vocalist, Sarah Jones. She was an original member of NYPC which is a London electronic band. She has toured with Harry back in 2017 on”Live on Tour” and is back to rock again. Harry’s horn players by the names of Paris, Lorren, Laura and Kalia were serving good energy and powerful notes. They played trombone, trumpet and saxophone which filled the air with warm sounds.

    Harry Styles' band

  • Harry Style Brought Us Back To Our Roots

    Harry had a surprise for the fans that brought them back to an early day of fanning. No, One Direction is not getting back together just yet. But “H” did play one of their tracks, “What Makes You Beautiful.” All fans, including the parents, were up off their feet singing and dancing.

    Harry Styles on the monitor

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